E X H I B I T I O N  &  M U S E U M   E M B R O I D E R Y 


Designmuseum Danmark 

Embroideries make for the exhibition "I am black velvet" in 2017, about the Danish Haute Couture designer Erik Mortensen 


Original dress for Mme Mitterand - Design:  Erik Mortensen


Part of the dress as a copy for hands-on and studering



Original Erik Mortensen creation - Balmain 1987


Drawing and materials choices - preparing of the copy 

Exhibition peace on embroderery frame schowing the work in process



Embroideries for the museum Nivågaard Malerisamling

Workshop under the William Morris exhibition in 2019



William Morris designed the motif

"Daisy"  in 1860, the English name for 

the flower. The stylized flowers

bunches were repeated in rows obliquely 

andembroidered with white, yellow and red

woolen yarn on woolen fabric.

The daisy motif went off again in many of

William Morris productions in woven and 

printed fabrics, wallpaper, tiles etc.

wool embroidery 1/4