“My work is about decorating fabrics on cloths,

objects or tableaux. Embroideries are created

in collaboration with designers, tailors, artists,

scenographs, private, etc.

I finished the handcraft school in "Broderie d'Art"

in Paris in 1981, where I also had my trainy at the

famous workshop Maison Lesage.

With high technical skills in the Parisian Haute

Couture as the main workplace, I learned in a

 young age the opportunities in earning art, design

and other areas.

From the workshop at Copenhagen in Danmark, I

execute embroidery on a 100 years old baptismal 

dress, embroidery on unique couture dresses, stage

costumes and ecclesiastical textiles. Nothing is too

big or too small.

The workshop is richly equipped with materials

and tools and can also restore and repair older

embroideries, laces, rugs and other textiles.